a Human-Powered Billboard trumps the travel ban


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Shortly after President Trump proposed his immigration ban, America was beginning to seem like a most unwelcoming place. Discover Los Angeles wanted to tackle that misperception head-on and let the world know that everyone is welcome in Los Angeles.



Our creative idea was simple: turn everyday Angelenos into an actual welcome message. At the height of the political debate, we harnessed the kindness of hundreds of Angelenos by transforming them into a giant, real-time human-powered billboard.

The billboard was emblazoned with a simple, powerful message, "Everyone is Welcome". To ensure our message was received, each volunteer held up a card, all of which came together to spell out a giant "welcome" in four different languages – Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, and English. Every welcome sign was visible to incoming international flights touching down at LAX, and timed to that flight’s country of origin.



Our live campaign united by the hashtag #EveryoneIsWelcome, sparked a cultural movement and quickly became a trending topic on Twitter. The activation was a launching pad for Angelenos to tell their own stories and sense of belonging in L.A. through the hashtag #EveryoneIsWelcome.



To date the live activation has created 54 news stories in over a dozen countries and been honored with the People's Choice Webby and Shorty for Social Good Grand Prix. Most importantly, across the country and around the globe, we achieved our goal to let millions of people know that in Los Angeles, #EveryoneIsWelcome.