Chambord, the French raspberry liqueur had a petite problem in the US. Nobody had heard of it.
Our challenge: make it relevant to millennial mademoiselles.


Idea: reposition Chambord not as an alcohol brand but as a lifestyle brand, one that adds meaning beyond the cocktail glass.


Rather than mixologists, we used trusted style, fashion, and DIY icons and influencers to tell the Chambord story through their own lens. Over the award and holiday season, we worked with fashionistas on social to perfectly pair Chambord with key holiday and red-carpet moments. With help from our influential amis, Rachel Zoe, Jeannie Mai, Clinton Kelly and others, Chambord and #BecauseNoReason were seen in more than 16,000,000 social impressions.

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Les recipes

You like it, you drink it. We added Chambord to everyone’s favorite beer, champagne and cocktails for a hint of raspberry in every sip through a series of BOF recipes. We then served them up on Pinterest, in store and on premise. Why? Because no reason. But also because we knew these are places our audience looks for recipe inspiration, that drive brand awareness and increase product usage during key drinking occasions.

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